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Health Supplements

Algaetech Astaxanthin is derived within state–of–the–art microalgae cultivation using AIMSys, the cultivation system. PREMIA is a brand of Algaetech International Sdn Bhd, which aims at promoting better quality of life using our available health supplements: Axtaxanthin and Spirulina. Most noteworthy is PREMIA Asta EX was derived from a unique strain of microalgae called Haematococcus Pluvialis. The entire process to produce PREMIA Asta EX is follow the ISO standard, GMP, HCCP and accordance to the Health Supplement standard operation procedures (SOP). Algaetech natural Astaxanthin handles multiple free radicals, with a unique molecular structure that lets it capture and neutralize multiple different free radical types. For the Premia and other health supplement , the production of astaxanthin is under strict control through use of advanced technologies.

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Skin Care With Attitude

First of all, Astatude is another brand of Algaetech International Sdn Bhd. It is especially relevant known as ASTA.TUDE (Astatude) with an attitude for skin care range designed. Hence, the skin care formulated with ingredients of the highest quality and Astaxanthin. The aim to replenish your skin also protect it from UV radiations. Due to rejuvenation is our key purpose. Providing an perfect service to customers is more than just purpose, it’s our convenient! As the products go through your skin, they will not only nourish. Its also protect you on the outside but also feed the heart , spirit, boost physical and spiritual wellness.The name asta.tude clearly separates ‘Astaxanthin’ and ‘Attitude’. ‘Astaxanthin’ represents its Astatude quality and ‘Attitude’ represents individuality by being BOLD, STRONG and CONFIDENT

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Functional Food

When it comes to growing tasty and nutritious eggs. The nature also gets things just right. In fact, it has been doing so for several years and Premia plans to keep it that way.The staff also keep fresh air, green pastures and happy hens. We promises to produce more foods like Functional Foods with astaxanthin in the nearest future.
“We believe that all types of food play an important role in a balanced and healthy diet lifestyle. Premia brands and Premia functional food accompany consumers. Furthermore, for consumer’s lives from birth to adulthood, from breakfast to dinner, at home and anywhere. We work to ensure the same level of commitment towards. Priority of us are more to healthy, quality, taste and nutrition across all the functional food. In conclusion, the functional food is to touch lives in a new way and to love life.”

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Algaetech international Group entered into the field of micro algae research, development and consultancy as well as production and marketing of renewable energy plus high value products since 2004. We are the pioneer and a major player in Malaysia , Indonesia in Algae Related Industry and we have our own system for cultivation of microalgae for primary production of high value products including bio-diesel, anti-oxidants and other nutraceuticals. Our system is called “Algae Integrated Management System (AIMsys)”. It’s a combination of close photo bioreactor and open pond system for cultivation of Microalgae , also adaption of high modern equipment and machinery. The researchers and consultants are always work together to find a best solution plus method for cultivation of micro algae and production of algae bio. As one of the the prime company of Algae Industry in Malaysia, we shall continuously develop and improve the all aspects of the core business. The goals are remain to be the best algae company in the region.