• Welcome to Algaetech International Sdn Bhd

    Algaetech strive to be the leading algae company in the region. Our journey of growth has taken us to be an innovative and an advanced company with strong focus on Algae technologies. Driven by our commitment to operational and sustainable development whilst contributing to the mother nature and human health, the company has been also encompasses with five principles

    • Research & Development
    • Consultancy & project management
    • Primary production of high value products (Hvp’s) and anti oxidants;
    • Algae Product Marketing under brand named “Premia”
    • AIMSys™ technologies (“Algae Integrated Management System”).

    Established in 2004, Algaetech have proven to be the leading contributor to the algae development in Malaysia. Our R&D had been successful in a few areas such as energy and nutraceutical, while we seriously indulge into various aspects and fields in the algae industry.

    Through the years, we have reached the milestones as a serious algae player globally. Our experiences and achievements have made a mark for us as one of the leading algae company in region. We have broken new ground for the following areas:

    • Algae primary production
    • CO2 sequestration with algae technology
    • Wastewater treatment and management using algae technology
    • Wastewater POME and LEACHATE remediation using algae technology.
    • Many more ongoing researches are being carried out by our various branches in the region, also through our various collaborations.

    As one of the the prime company in Algae Technology in Malaysia, we shall continuously develop and improve the all aspects of our core business. Our goals remain to be the best algae company in the region.

    The Future is now!