Bio-Algae Fuel



The process of producing Algaetech’s bio-algae diesel does not undergo any transesterification which

normally uses methanol derived from petroleum sources. Producing palm biodiesel to meet

EN14214 with -21C pour point requires the said methyl ester to be fractionated twice and this

process is very energy intensive and costly. A revolutionary Algae Nano-Emulsion B20

Biofuel (for diesel, petrol, heavy fuel and jet fuel) is taking the lead.


Algaetech has developed biofuel component which is 100% biodegradable, zero

sulfur, renewable, sustainable and green. Our nano-emulsion B20 Biofuels are derived from

Algae, the 3rd generation biofuel feedstock which is non-food and environmental-friendly.

The base oil of our emulsified B20 Biofuels are processed Algae oil emulsified with some

components to yield a 100% biodegradable fuel component. It is later blended into normal diesel toyield an emulsified diesel which can make biodiesel via transesterification obsolete (neatbiodiesel from transesterification increase NOx and with 10% lower energy content). We have formulated and synthesized a very stable emulsion which have been demonstrated and tested with buses in Malaysia and Singapore.




Nano‐emulsion Technology is a chemical process of blending fossil fuel, bio‐feedstock and specific types of chemicals which in‐turn reacts and mix to form stable bonds with each other.



Polarization Technology allows for alignment of positive and negative ions of elements and this is achieved under high pressure and highly magnetic environment. This further allows for the elements to form stable bonds with each other. This technological breakthrough enables the production of new types of additives that when it is blended with fossil fuels and other elements creates a stable mix of a 3rd generation renewable fuels.